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Decorative stickers - Art&Stick


Wall Stickers

Art&Stick offers more than 3000 decorative wall stickers in matte or bright finish.

Each wall sticker is a customizable sticker, by material, colour and dimensions.

Frosted stickers

Art&Stick offers you also to realize the stickers in frosted vinyl, specially adapted to stop the view through a window, while letting light

Chalkboard wall sticker

A table on which we can write with chalk... it is possible thanks to our Chalkboard stickers.

Advertising and promotional lettering

In addition to the decorative stickers, Art&Stick can realise your advertising and promotional lettering.

Our quotations

We are at your disposal for all your requests for quotations. Moreover, our quotes are free and without obligation

Frequent searches

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Our Slogan

Tailor-made for your walls, new stickers every weeks. Our decorative Stickers will change your life

Our Themes

Regardless of the room to decorate, you will find suitable stickers.

We offer stickers for the kitchen, stickers for the bathroom, but also stickers for your living room and your dining room; and for the bedrooms, laundry, office, toilet,...

who them also find stickers which are dedicated to them.

Decorative stickers on all topics: stickers on animals, flowers, nature; World stickers (Stickers London, decals Stickers New York,...);

"Vintage" decoration is no slouch with the wide selection of stickers proposed vintages. We also offer stickers citations for the whole House, stickers of recipes for the kitchen...

And one of our specialties is undoubtedly the names stickers (Stickers graffiti, stickers Disney, stickers butterflies,...)

Our wall decals can be pasted on painted walls, wallpaper fiberglass (even with a light relief) painted or not, Our wall decals can be pasted on painted wallpaper walls, fiberglass (even with a light relief) painted or not,

and that is not all, our stickers can also be placed on objects and furniture

(computerschests, offices, cabinets, dishwasher, fridge, workbooks, games consoles, toilet seats)

Our stickers can be placed indoors and outdoors. Our stickers are resistant also to the car wash and wipers.

Choosing Art&Stick, is to choose the quality with the guarantee of purchase stickers designed and manufactured in Belgium.

Art&Stick offers to create your custom stickers, do not hesitate to send us your requests for custom stickers. Our quotes are free and without obligation.

You are looking for a name sticker, you are looking for a quote, a cooking recipe sticker sticker and these stickers is found not on the site... contact us.

Thanks to our ""Vision"" application, discover what would a stickers you, on your wall, your car...

Why use the stickers ?

You can use our stickers to decorate or redecorate a room quickly and cheaply.

But also as view breeze on the windows. Material "Frosted" will allow to let in light while protecting of the opposite

The stickers are also interesting in the context of home staging. Because they make it easy to make a House, an apartment,... more attractiveOur guarantee

Our stickers are made in our workshop in Châtelineau in Belgium, in manufacturing European vinyl.

They don't contain any harmful material and can therefore be used inside as well as outside

Be careful, because it is not the same for all the stickers that are found on the market

Where to find our decorative stickers?

You can find our stickers on our website and in a few decorations stores.

We are constantly looking for new partners (resellers) to distribute our stickers. If you are interested, feel free to contact us by sending us an email at the address: